In the early 80’s a songwriter named Jean-Luc Vinatier began his stage career in Bordeaux, South West France. With his gravelly voice and accoustic guitar he went on to win several competitions.
In 1996 he began to play with pianist Geoffroy Hermelin. They released two albums together, “Photo” in 1998 and “Simagrées” (Fuss) in 2001.
In 2008 they were joined by two friends, Thierry Dubernet and Christophe Liger who played rhythm and bass guitar respectively. JeanPasse was born. Their goal? To have fun and play music. Jeanpasse sing French and folk festive songs. In September 2012 Jeanpasse released their first album “CV” (Curriculum Vitae). Let the adventure begin.

Concert for Zik A'Mano - 2012/07/07 - La Cédille - Les prisons de Nantes

First album : "CV"

Nos amies les bêtes
La cédille
Histoire courte
De vers en verres
Notre présent
World folk
Marielle en hiver
Les prisons de Nantes
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24 november 2012 :
Private concert in Origne

8 december 2012 :
Concert at Zéphyrin (Saint Martial)


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